Rugged Armor™ AirPods Case (1st & 2nd Gen.)
Rugged Armor™ AirPods Case (1st & 2nd Gen.)

Rugged Armor™ AirPods Case (1st & 2nd Gen.)

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Designed with three passionate ideas. Protection, aesthetics, and functionality! The Pod Accessories Rugged Armor™ Case is the ultimate compliment to the AirPods.

A case must serve multiple functions; without sacrificing the looks. The Rugged Armor™ Case truly breaks the barrier of what is possible. Staying under an impressive 1mm thick while still being slim enough to wirelessly charge and slip right into a pocket is what we call, impressive.

It's more durable, safe, and does not deform even in extreme temperatures. We also call this case the three A's; Anti-Scratch, Anti-Slip, Anti-bulky! Did we mention water resistance and shock-resistant from 12 feet? That's right, this case doesn't get its "Rugged Armor™" name for nothing. 

How thin are your cases?

The Tough N' Rubber cases are 0.02” thin, which is about as thin as a dime. Minimalist praise this design, as it is our thinnest option.

The Cleary Transparent case is 0.04” thin, which as thin as a nickel. It’s made with strong TPU material and perfect for those looking for no branding or logos.

The Premium Leather & Rugged Armor cases are 0.07”- 0.09" thin, these options are made with shock-absorbing material which is great if you’re looking for more protection. (Leather case is made with genuine Horween leather)

What are the cases made of?

The Tough N' Rubber cases are made of Polysiloxane, a flexible silicone. It’s super smooth, lightweight and very grippy.

The Cleary Transparent case is made of TPU, a flexible, rubber-like plastic. It's shock absorbing, grippy, and won’t yellow over time.

Rugged Armor case is made of polypropylene, a hard yet flexible plastic. It’s super durable, lightweight and adds extra grip.

Do your cases protect from drops?

Our cases are designed to offer everyday protection from your active lifestyles. Don’t let the thinness fool you though – we’ve heard many customer stories of how our case protected their device from drops!

If you’re looking for the most protection, our Rugged Armor Case is the perfect choice.

Do they have a hinge design?

Some. All cases, except the Rugged Armor. This is because of its thicker design to make room for the shock absorbing properties.

Do they work with wireless charging?

Yep. Our cases are so slim that they won’t interfere with our wireless chargers, or any other charger for that matter.


Just bought a set from Pod Accessories and they are really nice. They come assembled and have a screen as well. Way more snug than the AirPods Pro silicone tips.

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Attach to each AirPod using Apple's connection mechanism and fit perfectly. Combined with the improved audio experience and comfort of foam tips, I am extremely happy with my purchase.  

This images shows Pod Accessories feature from, using their logo.



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Hear from beta testers

I’ve had them in for almost 2 hours and can only say “WOW”! My Bass response is absolutely improved...

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J.P. F.

Takes care of my slipping issues. They hold tight on runs. I recommend the 3 pack for those that don’t know their size.

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Tyler F.

Available for 1st & 2nd Gen AirPods

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