Pod Accessories the best memory foam tips cases straps for AirPods Pro iPhone MacBook Pro. Best accessories for active wearing runners and falling out ear tips.

Pod Rewards

We're currently developing our rewards program. Please check back later for further developments!
Get 50% off for every friend you refer

Create an account to start referring. They get 50% off their first order. For each successful referral you get 50% off when they first make a purchase. It's a win win. Use the link in the rewards launcher to invite your friends and get your unique discount codes.

Pod Accessories how to start a referral
How to redeem rewards with pod accessories
rack up rewards

You get 500 Pod Points just for signing up. After that, simply shop, follow and refer to earn points.

The more you spend, the more rewards you'll receive. Make your way up the hierarchy for extra perks.

Once you've saved up, it's time to spend your points on awesome rewards! You can use Pod Points on discounts, free products or gift cards.


How do I redeem my points?

Learn more on how to redeem points by checking out the "Rewards Hub". Look for "Ways to earn" and "Ways to redeem."

Can I refer multiple friends?

Yes! Rewards will be cumulative. If you make multiple referrals to Pod Accessories, multiple rewards will be delivered to you as the referrer.


Is the rewards program free?

Absolutely! No purchase or monthly payments for participating in the Pod Rewards program. We found the easiest way to reward our community, is to offer discounts and freebies within a simple interface. So what are you waiting for? Join the thousands of like minded users today and accessorize yourself!

I purchased the wrong reward, how can I make an exchange?

No worries! This can happen from time to time, just head to our contact page, shoot us a email at support@podaccessories.com or fill out the contact page below and we'll get your points refilled.
We reserve the right to cancel orders we deem abusive of this program.


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