Welcome to the Pod Community!

We will walk you through the basics of setting up your membership and get you on your way to amazing discounts, freebies, and the best pricing!

Locate Account Hub

Join and navigate using the hub (Home Page). 

Showing Pod Accessories rewards and discounts hub on the corner bottom right screen.

Join Button

Returning members can also sign in at the top of the header; near the bag/cart button.

Displaying Pod Accessories rewards program dashboard.

Activate Account

Fill out basic information and advance through the verification process (so we know you're not a robot).

Pod Accessories create account page for rewards and discounts membership.

You're In

Once signed in, you will be able to earn Pod Points by completing simple actions and in return use these Pod Points for valuable rewards. 
Here you can also view your redeemed rewards and activate them for any order.
Pod Accessories navigation through the rewards and how to ear Pod Points.

Explore the Rewards

Now a member, you've got access to Pod Accessories most valuable rewards just like Free Shipping, Gift Cards, and Freebies!

Showing rewards and cost for rewards for Pod Accessories membership.

Tiered Discounts ***Currently unavailable***

We know you like buying in bulk, so all members are invited to special and exclusive tiered discounts.

Pod Accessories tiered discounts active when a new member signed in. Get up to 40% each pair of AirTips Pro Memory Foam Tips for AirPods Pro


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