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Memory foam tips

Installing AirTips Pro

Important takeaways

Removing any Pod Accessories tips

To remove your tips, firmly grasp the whole foam tip with your fingers and squeeze to pull them off. Sometimes removing them at an angle helps. Do not pull the tips off from the end of the foam tip or use your fingernails as these methods could damage the tips.

When inserting

Ensure you install the AirPod stem facing forward and as you lower the stem down simultaneously press firmly into ear and allow 2-3 minutes to fully expand in ear canal. Additionally the heat from your fingertips enhances the complex chemistry of the memory foam material to better mold and conform.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is the noise cancellation compared to the OEM tips?

Sound quality is about the same with memory foam tips compared to the default silicone tips, but if you weren't able to get a good seal with silicone, then you may find the sound is substantially better with memory foam. Apple's Active Noise Cancellation can work better because of how memory foam expands in the ear canal and closes the gaps.

Are AirTips Pro actually made of memory foam?

Yes, this is evident in our unique viscoelastic memory foam technology. AirTips Pro and the Dual Hybrid tips conform to the shape of the ear canal using body temperature and conformity for a custom fit. Your ear canal shape and size fluctuate with movement and temperature. And now your ear tips can adapt to changes as you naturally move.

How long do memory foam tips last?

Lifespan for your new AirTips Pro memory foam tips depends on use. Typically, average use is about 2-4 months per pair of tips. How your tips are actively used, your natural body chemistry (earwax, oils, debris, etc.), and environment all effect how long your tips will last. To ensure your tips last the longest, always prepare the tips by compressing the foam before inserting them into your ears, clean your tips occasionally, and store the tips and your Apple AirPods in the charging case while not in use. Replace your tips when they start to build debris, begin to tear, or lose their "memory" foam properties (for example, the foam expands quickly rather than slowly).

Is Memory Foam better than traditional silicone?

While Apple's silicone tips are relatively comfortable and fit well for most people, many users find AirTips Pro to be preferable for long periods of use. Listening to music for a few hours with memory foam tips resulted in less ear fatigue.

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Cleaning AirTips Pro

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Useful guides

AirTips Pro™

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Dual hybrid™

Zoom into this image. Discover sizing charts for our Dual Hybrid™ replacement memory foam tips.

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Do you have an extra small or extra large?

Sadly, no. Make sure to compress the foam fully before inserting them in your ears. Once fully compressed, position the tips securely in canal and wait 10-15 seconds while holding in place. This allows full expansion to complete the inner seal in your ear.

Will the case close without destroying the foam tips?

Yes, the case will close normally, the same as it would with the original silicone tips that come with AirPods Pro™. Regardless which size AirTips Pro foam tips you use, the your charging case will close, no trouble at all. 

What is my correct size memory foam tips?

We find the majority of our community choosing medium as this is the middle-of-the-road size. However, the sizes for memory foam actually play a very crucial role compared to silicone tips. Medium memory foam tips offer the best fitting capabilities for everyday and all day use. However, where medium-sized tips may lack in overall noise cancellation, the larger size excels in this area. 

Larger tips provide the best noise cancellation while keeping your wireless earbuds as comfortable as possible. As it is hard to state which size is best for you, a good rule of thumb is go with one size larger than your silicone tips. If you use large, you’re already in the clear. 

Still not sure? Try our Mixed Size Pack (includes S, M and L).

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