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Starting with passion has led our team to success. Community is the pinnacle to any great company, so thats what we did. You are Pod Accessories and we are your foreground, so thank you to the thousands that believe in our mission.

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Starting from the ground up

Working with product specialists, graphic designers, and even chemists to create the impossible. AirTips Pro™ has been through 15 variations to perfect the "memoy foam tips" you've grown to love.

Starting with four college graduates dedicated to succeed. We spent countless hours on research, development, and production in testing memory foam densities, inventive accessory options, and protective case varieties. You will find Pod Accessories is much more than a company; it’s a community of people just like you.

AirTips Pro Memory Foam Tips Design New Replacement Tips for AirPods Pro Apple Device for Running prevents slipping
AirTips Pro Replacement Foam Tips for AirPods Pro best accessory for running with AirPods, kick start your day
Designing AirTips Pro first version new memory foam technology for AirPods Pro devices iPhone and iPod earbud accessories.

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Deeper understanding

Injection pilots heat LRPu memory foam formula over melting temperatures resulting in a reaction to become moldable. From there the dampers are closed and the curing process begins.

Learn more about different foam densities and structure by visiting our blog here.

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AirTips Pro™ Memory Foam Tips

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