What's The Buzz About Memory Foam Tips for AirPods Pro?

Finger tips holding AirTips Pro: Memory Foam Ear Tips For AirPods Pro by Pod Accessories.

Let's get to the bottom of this battle between silicone and the premium alternative; memory foam ear tips for Apple's AirPods Pro.

There are three key points we will discuss.

  1. Sound differences
  2. Comfort & Performance
  3. Maintenance
  4. Price

Sound isolation or better know as noise cancellation specifically for Apple AirPods Pro makes all the difference with how crisp, clear, and concentrated the musical tones are compressed and registered by your inner ear systems. Ahh silicone, the trusted ear tips for decades from well know brands such as Sony, Skull Candy, and Beats by Dr. Dre, paved the way for Apple's newest in-ear earphones, AirPods Pro. While silicone offers great sound isolation, it lacks the comfort and deep bass retention you can find in other premium substitutes such as our Memory Foam tips that are compatible with AirPods Pro. 

Comfort & Performance is where you expect the "Pro" name to shine its glorified title. As mentioned in the sound isolation snippet above, comfort is not in silicone's best interest. While silicone might excel in sound performance, you just can't sacrifice your ear comfort for better music. Really, the next time you are using your AirPods Pro, pay attention to the way they feel inside your ears. Pay attention to the way that they sound. Do you notice pain? Do you notice a leaky seal? Expect nothing less from silicone tips. 

Maintenance is an essential part of in-ear earphones. This is where silicone tips dethrone memory foam tips, being as silicone is in the same family as plastic and rubber, the material is gloss-like, making clean up a breeze. The ultimate sacrifice you will pay for leaving behind silicone is the easy cleanup. It's not that memory foam is difficult to clean, it's just is not easy. Let me explain, being as memory foam is made up of thousands of microscopic air-pockets, it requires attentive care with no soap or alcohol. We have a full video demonstration of the process for cleaning memory foam tips

Price for silicone tips... free. Hooray! However, something brought you here today because you're not satisfied with your current tips. Whether that's constant ear pain, better noise cancellation, or just complete boredom. If you're looking for an improvement in all these areas, expect boredom you have come to the right place. Learn about our innovative design, composition, and reviews for the top accessory of 2020. A fair warning, Memory Foam runs a pretty premium price tag of $14 a pair, but you can opt for two pairs at $30 and if you don't know which size fits you try the mixed size pack (included S, M, and L). To get Pod Accessories exclusive member pricing, huge discounts, and freebies then sign up for their free rewards club

Conclusion: While silicone can have great sound isolation and be comfortable for most people, memory foam tips create a better seal and deliver comfortability, unlike any ear tips. You can never elude from cleaning, but maintaining ear tips is not time-consuming, you just have to ask yourself is it worth the extra time for my comfort and reliability? Silicone is here to stay, but there's a new tip in town and this town is big enough for the two of them, you just have to decide what's best for you!

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